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Welcome to What the Heal?!


Embrace a Journey of Radical Healing

What the Heal?!   Yep!  You found it.  A radical healing practice that empowers you to heal on your own terms. We're different, and we're proud of it!  I believe there is no such thing as normal, and you are welcome Just as you are.  Come, and let me help you find your freedom, your voice, and your healing in the most judgment-free space ever!

All Hands In
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Discover "What the Heal" with April Anna:


Experience a world of holistic transformation, music,

and healing wisdom. Meet April Anna, conservatory-trained musician,

avid gardener, and wild herb enthusiast. Her journey of

self-discovery and exploration has led her to create a sanctuary

where nature's teachings, healing melodies, and universal positivity

converge. So, if you're wondering, 'What the heal?!', you've come to the right garden. Dive into the soil of self-discovery, sing along with nature's rhythms, and let your spirit bloom in April's cultivated oasis of whimsy and care.


Learn more about April's unique blend of talents, her deep connection with plants, and her mission to contribute to a more peaceful world.


about April Anna and her vision.

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