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**At this time, "What the Heal?!" is a cozy and intimate venture. As such, we aren't offering predefined packages online at this time. Instead, we invite you to peruse the list of our unique services provided below. If something resonates or sparks your curiosity, please complete the request form. April will personally touch base with you for a complimentary consultation within 48-72 hours. During this chat, we'll delve into your needs and aspirations, ensuring you're paired with the perfect offerings. Thank you for your understanding and interest!**

You can always find more! 

🎵 Sonic Serenades: Sound Healing 🎵

Dive into the harmonious world where bowls sing, crystals dance, and your spirit rejoices. Tune in.....drop out.

✨ Mystic Mélange: Various Occult Services ✨

Delve deep into the mysteries of the cosmos. Tarot, runes, or maybe some astral adventures? It's a magical mystery tour, and you're invited!

🌈 Destiny's GPS: Allowing Your Success Life Coaching 🌈

Lost in the cosmic shuffle?  Let's navigate life's trippiest highways and byways together. Your success story is just around the winding Road!

🌿 Mother Nature's Mojo: Herbal Products 🌿

From the Earth, for the soul. Groove with the planet's vibes with our all-natural concoctions. Peace, plants, and positivity!

✨ Universal Energy Flow: Reiki ✨

Let the gentle waves of Reiki, the ocean of cosmic life force, hands flowing like gentle currents, guide you through the tranquil depths of life's vast possibilities. Immerse yourself in this maritime melody of healing, and let the universe's waves soothe your soul's shoreline.

And More!

Dont forget to ask about.....

🐾 Paws & Purrs: Pet Sound Healing 🐾

🧘 Cosmic Calm: Guided Meditations 🧘


🔮 Galactic Glimpses: Energy Readings 🔮


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"Journey Start: Service Request Form" 🌿✨

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